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Tofield Curling Club 2018 AGM

Wednesday April 11th, 2018

7:00 pm – Upstairs Curling Rink

All Members Welcome





Sponsor Needed


The Curling Club is looking for a sponsor for the new AED (portable automated external defibrillator) unit on site.

We would mount a sign to advertise the new sponsor above the unit.

The AED will be mounted on the wall in the downstairs of the building.





2018 Tofield Curling Club

Playoff Hockey Pool           Raffle #485854


$20/ per Entry Fee (Ticket will be available: Feb 2018)

Unlimited Entries per individual (+18), each entry is an extra $20              (pool will max out at 500 entries)

Cash payout for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place: Max Points accumulated after completion of 2018 Playoffs

Emailed POOL STATUS UPDATES after each Playoff Game              (must provide email address on entry)

Online Pool: Access provided after entry: Pick Team Name and Players from Box style format.

All entries must be submitted to Craig Neufeld prior to              first playoff game

Please contact Craig by phone 780-554-3028 or email                                         

Or   any Club executive member for an entry ticket                              or assistance with entry submission

President:     Lloyd Brandt

V. President: Sandra Codd

Secretary:     Janet Langille

Treasurer:     Deb Smuk

Directors:    Dave Schultz Shauna Neufeld         Mark Wilson  Stephanie Marcinkoski

       Breanne Daoust  Ron Koop

League Reps as follows:

  Monday Mens:        Doug Hardy (780)662-2014

                                    Ken Parent

 Tuesday Ladies:      Lynda Sware 662-2864

 Wed. Open :            Lynda Sware 662-2864


Plant Committee     Lyle Heiberg,  Doug Hardy

Ice Technicians:     Doug Hardy    Ken Parent
Bar  Manager:            Doug Hardy




Available from the Tofield Curling Club


Curling Rink Facility Rental Options:


Applicable Options for the Curling Season       (November to March)

1) Full Facility for Weekends: 2-3 day private bonspiels

2)  Ice Sheet Rentals: All sheets or per sheet

3)  Upstairs Rental only: For private functions – evening or day

Applicable Options for Off-Season (April to October)

1)  Whole Facility for Weekends: Private or Corporate functions

2)  Whole Facility day use: Auction Sales or similar functions

3)  Front End with Upstairs and Kitchen Access (No ice surface access)

4)  **Kids Party Package**: Lobby and Ice Surface Access *Great for Sport Themed Parties!*

For bookings, pricing and further details please contact Doug Hardy at  780 717-8963 or



Welcome to the 2017-2018

Curling Season!